About us

We are an Argentine companythat is exclusively engaged in the manufacture of pet food . Our mission is to produce and commercialize these products in the local and international sphere, while satisfying by far the animals’ nutritional needs and the owners’ expectations. We belong to a geographic area that is world-famous for the quality of its agriculture, livestock and its raw materials, and therefore top-quality grains, oils, vegetables and meats are at our disposal, along with a highly trained staff. Based on these competitive advantages, our aim is to reach a place amongst the top leaders in the pet food market, gaining a foothold in top development and constant improvement.

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Quality System

The quality of our products is obtained and guaranteed by an exclusive Quality Assurance System. Our levels of food safety and reliability match the requirements of a human food processing plant and have made this product sufficiently competitive to be marketed in the world’s most developed and demanding markets.

This system guarantees:

  • Strict controls of raw materials in our own laboratories.
  • Cross-check in renowned external laboratories.
  • Good manufacturing practices (GMP).
  • Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP).
  • Supremacy of the notion of manufacturing quality throughout the production process.
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Personalized customer care.
  • Consumer test (for animals), made and supervised in collaboration with renowned universities and institutions.

Industrial plant approved by the EU

The plant built by Agro-industries has been approved to produce and commercialized pet food in the EU.

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Technology We have the highest technology available to manufacture food by extrusion. Our industrial plant relies on state-of-the-art equipment — made by world-renowned suppliers— that offers a great productive capacity and also looks after the products’ nutritional qualities and strengthens them. Our facilities are able to process complex recipes with more than thirty components and guarantee the requirements of each formula with an improved steam cooking system and ultrafine grinding. This process gives the right temperature degree to every mix and fosters the right starch gelatinization, which improves the nutrient bioavailability and ensures batch-to-batch consistency.


Investment & Development

Agro-industries Baires began as an independent industry processing grain by extrusion and manufacturing feed for farm animals. The recognition we have received due to the quality of our products encouraged us some years ago to make an incursion in the global pet food market. Since then, we have achieved growth, modernization and constant improvements in the industrial proceedings.