We are Baires

We are celebrating our 15th anniversary beside each and every member of the company, who made it possible for us to have fifteen years of continuous growth.

Relaunching Kongo

Our flagship brand has renewed its packaging design and has incorporated new products that extend the line as well as update its image and concept. One of the highlights is the developing of a new formula for cats, KONGO GOURMET, and for adult dogs of 7+ years, KONGO SENIOR; and with these we complete our product line, accompanying pets’ growth in every stage of life.

New Campaign Kongo Family.
Relaunching products

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Industrial plant approved by the EU

The plant built by Agro-industries in the industrial park of General Las Heras has been approved to produce and commercialized pet food in the EU.

The opening of Agro-industries Baires

At the end of 2014 we incorporated in our plant a state-of-the-art line of products with a capacity to manufacture 12,000 tons per month. It is composed of the latest technologies available worldwide and has been designed to meet the international standards of quality and work in a fully automated mode.

Cat food

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